Chinese Province Located Near To Laos, Vietnam,Myanmar and The Tibet!!

My Itinerary In Yunnan, One Of The Most Beautiful Provinces In China!
Let’s go together to discover Yunnan, one of the most beautiful provinces in China! Between old typical cities, landscapes out of the ordinary, Tibetan atmosphere, it is an exceptional trip which allows us to discover a part of the Chinese Culture and to release clichés that one can have on this immense country. I will detail my itinerary in this article so that you can realize the great diversity of this province!

My trip to China started in Kunming City, the first leg of this trip. After a long flight of more than 16 hours and several stops, it is with joy that I take my first steps in China and that I forge my first impressions,
To be completely transparent with you, China does did not attract as much as other Asian countries could do … I thought that apart from the Great Wall of China (which I wish to see once in my life) and cities like Beijing or Shanghai, it does not there was not much interesting. It must be said that it is a country I knew very badly, and of which I had not heard much before. You can imagine that if I tell you all this, it is because my vision of China has changed with this trip … It is also thanks to a specialized agency in the country – “China-Roads” – and Asia in general – “Asian-Roads” – that I had the opportunity to easily discover a more rural region of China, Yunnan. The perfect opportunity to get out of the clichés and be “in the right”!
Yunnan is a province located in the far southwest of China, close to Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Tibet. This gives it an identity that is both exotic and authentic. Essentially mountainous, with a wide diversity of ethnicities (nearly  25 national minorities). And it is one of the least rich regions of China. The Asian-Roads agency has also started these first circuits in China in Yunnan.
Capital of Yunnan province, with its mild climate all year long, Kunming is nicknamed “city of eternal spring”. Having a whole day to calmly walk the city and make my first discoveries, I quickly went out to stroll in the old quarter. I discovered a pleasant atmosphere, with beautiful buildings, and a surprising calm. Yet I imagined China in a gigantic “hubbub” of screams, horns, and people who spit, the classic cliche … But the “old quarter of Kunming” is interesting and beautiful, with small streets, old buildings, and several local markets. There is also the large park “Lake Emerald”, where locals like to meet on weekends to dance together. Click Next to see more