Chinese Province Located Near To Laos, Vietnam,Myanmar and The Tibet!!

The atmosphere was also crazy that day, with a good mood palpable! I then finished the day at the beautiful temple of Yuantong (or Temple of the understanding of all things), one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Kunming, which is organized on the classical model of Chinese Buddhist temples.
I stayed at a brand new hotel in Kunming, we were even the first guests! The “Moone & Chalice”, ideally located in the center of the old town, allowed me to spend my first night in China pleasantly and to rest from my long flight by plane before heading back to the forest of Pierre the next day.

Yuanyang and its famous rice in the terrace
It takes 7 hours drive from Kunming to access Yuanyang. So it’s been a long day’s drive from Kunming, which has been interspersed with the visit of the Shilin Stone Forest.
But the trip is worth it since Yuanyang is simply the starting point to discover the famous rice terraces! This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful landscapes of Yunnan (and even China).
and it will remain for me one of the highlights of this trip. Carved in the mountains by the Hani minority (living in the region for several centuries), the rice terraces will amaze you with their beauty and complexity.
And it is at the beginning and end of the day that the light will be the most beautiful to admire them, Do not miss the sunrise on the rice fields, a magical moment that will remain forever etched in your memory. I can testify! To do this, go to the Duoyishu point of view.
Also, be aware that the best time to visit the area is from November to April. Located in the mountains, the weather is indeed sometimes foggy, so it is sometimes necessary to take his trouble in patience for the time to emerge … But what magic show! The site is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, access to the region is not free (70 RMB per person, about 9 €).