Short Trip On The Shores Of The Caribbean

The Dominican Republic, Between Punta Cana And Santo Domingo …

I was invited to discover the Dominican Republic for a few days. A short stay organized by the Tourist Office and XL Airways, which did not allow me to go around the island, but had the merit of making me discover a warm country (with beautiful beaches and beaches). hospitable people) and a festive atmosphere that I enjoy.


The Dominican Republic is a destination that attracts many tourists with its long beaches and huge “resorts”. It is in Punta Cana in particular, that we find the largest concentration of hotels! High-end establishments, offering “all-inclusive” to customers wishing to take one or two weeks of vacation in the tropics.

I think you already know that the “all-inclusive” is not at all the mode of travel that I encourage on the blog. I prefer to discover the country more authentically, starting to discover the local culture and the inhabitants of the country. A difficult thing to do when you spend your week in your hotel, between your room, the beach opposite, the restaurant, and the swimming pool … This mode of travel may please some families and if it’s your case, you will certainly be happy to rest at the edge of the water. Some hotels are extremely beautiful and luxurious. I was particularly marked by the Eden Roch located in Cap Cana … Worthy of the most beautiful holiday brochures

But even if some are splendid, it’s a shame to stay at the hotel when you can discover the country … And there is no excuse because the capital is easily accessible from Punta Cana since a new road was built, allowing to reach the capital in two short hours. Also note that there are “basic” hotels, much more affordable for travelers wishing to limit expenses.

So do not believe that the Dominican Republic is a destination “Club Med” only! There are indeed many diverse sites to discover, and the country has an extremely interesting history. You will quickly notice if you are a little away from the beaches and you enter the country through the capital, Santo Domingo (Santo Domingo).


Often, visiting the big cities of a country allows you to quickly immerse yourself in the local culture and discover the way of life of the locals. The dynamism of a country is indeed palpable in the city, and these are often places where history is predominant. There are many historic buildings in the city, museums..

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