Five Major Cities In Bolivia “one considered as a world heritage”

II-sucre city

Museo San Felipe Neri(sucre)

Sucre is a very pretty Bolivian city and very popular with tourists. Young and academic city, Sucre is a destination where you can soak up the Bolivian culture very easily. Gastronomy has a place of choice with many restaurants in the city center. Young people will appreciate the many bars in the city at night. The day, the colonial architecture is offered to you at all the corners of the streets. It is very pleasant to walk randomly in this city where it is also colder than La Paz (only 2300 m altitude against 3600 m for La Paz).

III Potosí city(UNESCO World Heritage Centre)
In extreme Southwestern Bolivia, there is a city that was at one time the pearl of the Spanish Crown, the center of legendary riches. Its name, in the Spanish vocabulary, is synonymous with intemperate amounts of riches, the quantities of which are too high to even consider describing, Potosí is known to be the highest city in the world with its 4090 m altitude and often gives the impression of lack of air.
The old town
What to do in Potosí ? Start by pacing its pedestrian streets lulled by colonial houses with warm colors. These houses testify to the prosperous history of this mining town, as well as it’s painful past. You can start by visiting the central square which is the heart of the city and crisscrossing its buildings and churches and let you take in the old town, discovering its local shops and its unique heritage.
La Casa de la Moneda
For centuries, the prosperity of the Spaniards in Potosí was assured by the work of money, recovered in the mines, to transform it into a coin. This harsh craft was ensured by slaves forced to forced labor. The Casa de la Moneda thus traces the past For the city around this industry. The rooms are numerous, the museum is interactive and the guided tours are very interesting.

Also, the colonial building that houses the Casa de la Moneda, dating from 1753, is the largest ever built by the Spanish. This gives Casa de la Moneda the reputation of the most beautiful museum in the country. When looking for something to do in Potosí, it’s an activity not to be missed.
Santa Teresa Convent
The visit of the Convent of St. Theresa allows you to discover a beautiful building rich in history, which has welcomed hundreds of young women through the years to lead a religious life, with very strict rules. During the guided tour, we walk through the different parts of the building while learning the details of the operation of the convent. Santa Teresa is a beautiful place to visit in Potosí.
The Cathedral of Potosí
The city’s cathedral, dating from 1808, was built in stone and brick in a neoclassical style. It is characterized by a large dome and three naves inside, as well as a superb German organ. If you are looking for something to do in Potosí, do not miss this discovery as well as that of its numerous churches. There are more than eighty in the city.
Le Cerro Rico
The main interest of a passage through Potosí lies in the discovery of this precious mountain that has nourished centuries of history: the Cerro Rico. This hill had one of the largest holdings of silver in the world. At a height of 4786 m, one can discover a panoramic view of the city, but also on the surroundings like the Cordillera of Kari Kari, the Tiahuanaco Nunu and the volcano Nuevo Mundo. To visit Potosí without seeing the Cerro Rico more closely would be a real sacrilege.
La Laguna de Tarapaya
Only 26 km from Potosí, we can discover ”the Ojo Del Inca” which is a natural site with healing thermal waters. This circular lagoon attracts visitors for the benefits of its waters, whose temperature is between 25 and 30 ° C. The beautiful landscape that surrounds it does not spoil the experience. If you spend a few days in Potosí and wonder what to do after seeing the city, do not miss to explore this sweet region. Next..COCHABAMBA

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