Five Major Cities In Bolivia “one considered as a world heritage”

For the individuals who love a blend of culture and activity, Bolivia has everything!
Bolivia is a South America’s country, its actual capital is La Paz city, and its official capital is Sucre city, Was named after Bolivia’s General Simón Bolívar, who sought to liberate the territory of the South American continent from the Spanish occupation.
– territory of 1,098,588 km²,
-the system: presidential republic
–  the official language is Spanish.
– the official currency is Bolivario (symbolized by BOB)
What interests us as A travelers is discovered the culture of people and explore the tourist features of this country and the activities that can be practiced within.
I-SANTA CRUZ DE LA SIERRA, a very nice Bolivian city:
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, located in the eastern plains, A peaceful welcoming city, perfect for soaking up a few days of local city life.
Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the largest city in the country, and the most connected  by air; Many flights from Europe and neighboring countries come directly to it.
From Viru Viru International Airport, microbuses regularly connect downtown Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The price is 6 Bob for about 30 minutes. No need to take a taxi.
Its city center is relatively small and can be easily walked. You may be impressed by its quiet and nonchalant atmosphere and you will certainly love the tropical warmth of this laid-back city.
In the city center, you will find a few mid-range hotels and some cheap guesthouses. The tenants are friendly and many Bolivians and backpackers love this place. A good opportunity to meet and improve your Spanish from the first days.

1)Strolling and eating: To be honest, there is not much to do, if not to hang out a few days and enjoy good dishes for ten Bolivianos.
You will find cheap meals at the markets essentially. You have a food court on the market floor along with the Isabella católica road and food is sold in the markets.
2)Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral: a pretty brick cathedral is located in the heart of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, on the pleasant square of September 24th. The best time to go there is in the evening, around 18:30 to attend mass.
3)Do some shopping at the market: it is at the market (located east of “Parque el Arenal”) that you will certainly like the most you walk since you will find everything at reasonable prices. The place is busy in the late afternoon when the heat begins to be more bearable. In case of fatigue, consider offering freshly squeezed orange juice (3 to 6 Bob depending on the size).
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