Discovering The Intrigent Island Of Spanish Wells “BAHAMAS Islands”

During my trip to the Bahamas Islands, I discovered a particularly intriguing and original island called “Spanish Wells”. It is only 3 km long and 800 meters wide and barely 1500 inhabitants, but its extremely rich history and colonial atmosphere are worth the detour!

Spanish Wells beach


Spanish Wells is a tiny island in the Bahamas in the north of Eleuthera Island. It is connected by a small steel bridge to its neighboring island called Russell Island, which doubles the surface of the playground for tourists to the island. But even counting both Spanish Wells and Russell Island (which are ultimately indissociable), the area is very small.

It was historically used as the last stop of Spanish galleons before their return to Europe. It is on this island that they took charge of water for their travels (which explains its name, literally meaning “Spanish wells”). About the first settlers settled on the island, they are the famous adventurers of Eleuthera, come from Bermuda. They were later joined by loyalist settlers fleeing the American Revolution.

At the moment, Spanish Wells lives mainly from the lobster trade, which it exports all over the world! Most of the inhabitants of the island live from this activity and it is easy to understand when arriving on the island and seeing its port, that fishing is the main activity. Moreover, tourism has been developing for a few years on the island … So that hotels and restaurants can be counted for the moment on the fingers of the hands, but it is rather pleasant.

Know that to move on the island, we mainly use golf carts. The locals use them, as much as the tourists of passage … This creates a family and a fun atmosphere! Here, everyone greets each other and we feel the relaxed rhythm of the island and its friendly inhabitants.


You will be surprised to find that in Spanish Wells, all the houses are splendid! This creates an incredible patchwork of colorful and beautifully decorated houses, all over the island. Yellow, green, blue houses, with perfectly manicured gardens, original decorations, and many details cleverly arranged here and there … It’s fascinating!

I think this is the first time I’m in a place that makes me want to build my own house! We would like to come here and build a cozy little nest in the heart of this family atmosphere and warm, The inhabitants are likely to have a taste for beautiful homes, but you should also know that most of these buildings are brand new, Spanish Wells Island has been severely damaged in two successive hurricanes in 1992 and 1999.


Apart from the “urban” atmosphere of Spanish Wells, the island also has pretty nature spots. The entire east coast of the island, from the extreme north to the extreme south, is also bordered by a very long beach of white sand, The inhabitants of the island often come to bathe at the end of the day, and the atmosphere is always here very calm, family and warm.

It’s right at the bridge, which separates Spanish Wells from Russell Island that the landscape is the craziest in my opinion! I loved this place, with its shallow waters, sandbars, shady page and dozens of black-headed gulls that wander here in the evening. The north of Russell Island is also very wild, with a nice view at bedtime of the sun, facing a more agitated sea.