Madeleine Island Canadian Archipelago

Traveling to The Magdalen Islands is a unique experience in Quebec!
Located in the center of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, this Canadian archipelago has impressive landscapes and extremely varied … Between the beautiful red sandstone cliffs, long beaches and dunes and green mounds, nature lovers will be conquered! And what about the exceptionally friendly reception of Madelinots and Madeliniennes …
It is in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence that we find the Magdalen Islands. A set of islands forming a crescent lying on a distance of 88km long.

In total, almost a dozen islands are counted, but only six of them are linked by narrow dunes and sandy beaches … From north to south, there are Island of Grande-Entrée, Big Island, Pointe aux Loups Island, Le Havre aux Maisons Island, Cap aux Meules Island and Havre-Aubert Island.
There are also two other large islands more than 10km away, with Entry Island (now inhabited) and Brion Island (uninhabited). Other small islands and islets complete the picture, with Birds’ Rock, Goélands Island, Paquet Island or Death Corps.

In addition to being an archipelago, the Magdalen Islands stand out from the rest of Quebec in many ways … And it starts with the time zone. It may seem strange but the Magdalen Islands live on Atlantic time, one more than in the rest of Quebec. So, when it is 12h in Montreal, it is 13h to the islands.
The pace of life is also “quieter” on the islands, and the inhabitants do not have quite the same mentality as in the rest of Quebec, with a maritime and original culture. The accents also differ from one island to another, but always with the same generosity and the same warm welcome!