What To Do In Tokyo At Night?

Then you can do some shopping in the tall Shibuya 109, an 8-story silver shopping mall dedicated to women’s fashion. And even if you do not buy something, walk up and down to discover the style of young Japanese women and their frenzy is already an experience in itself. For the men’s version of the tower, it’s just the opposite.

Another very lively area of Tokyo that you absolutely must not miss in the evening, is in the Shinjuku district. This is the place of choice for all those who wish to eat or have a drink in a typical atmosphere. It is also very touristy, but the majority of the visitors do not pass only in the alleys without really daring to sit down … To eat in a typical restaurant of Shinjuku, it is to Omoide yokocho that you must go . It is a set of alleys housing several small typical restaurants called izakaya. An ideal pedestrian zone to taste some skewers of grilled meat yakitori, in a popular atmosphere!